Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

It is 12 days (including today and Christmas day) until Christmas.  In honor of this festive season I would like to give you my 12 Day of Christmas budgeting rules to live by.

1) Sign up for and use it every day

2) Sign up for and check it once per month

3) Get a cash back credit card once you no longer have credit card debt

4) Make your written budget visible for motivation

5) Craft debt reduction goals and rewards for meeting them

6) Communicate your spending and savings with your significant other if you share finances

7) Adjust your budget as needed

8) Be frugal and self sacrificial

9) Put every last extra penny towards debt reduction

10) Borrow what you need instead of buying

11) Educate yourself on additional ways to save and make progress towards financial freedom

12) Enjoy the life you have, don't dwell on the hard work ahead

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