Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sallie Mae Freak Out

Yesterday was a Monday, you know, the beginning of the week and the first chance I got to check mint.com for two whole days.  As I was scrolling through our transactions I saw that Sallie Mae deducted the usual amount from our checking account.  This is all well and good because now I can jot down the new Sallie Mae debt total for our debt chart at home.  However, when I look at the totals for the two Sallie Mae loans I noticed they were higher.  Cue the horns lifting out of my head, the steam pouring out of the ears and my face turning molten red.

How on earth had this happened?  How had Sallie Mae received almost $300 from us but the total debt increased by $20?  I checked and tripled checked the Sallie Mae account website through out the day but nothing changed.  I texted my husband to tell him he needed to call the Sallie Mae people and find out what on earth went wrong.  GJS said he would be it didn't happen yesterday.  I was toying with the idea of calling myself but I knew I couldn't pretend to be him.  Stupid conscience always getting in the way.  And these financial places are strict on giving out information, even to the spouse.  It really flies in the face of the whole "one flesh" concept.  We became 1 person on October 16, 2010 people!  I'm him, he's me, you can talk to me about his student loan, geez. 

Anyway, today I was eager to see if the discrepancy had straightened itself out and luckily it has.  I happily wrote down our new debt amount and am glad to report we're about to get out of the 27 thousands.  Now if this happens again I'll know to wait a day before I let it get my blood boiling.

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