Thursday, February 28, 2013

Learning more about our retirement investments

Yesterday I went about education myself on our three retirement vehicles.  Garrett's 401(k), my Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and Garrett's Roth IRA each have different options to fund the account. 
Garrett's 401(k) is managed by ING.  His current investments and their 10 year rate of return include:

Investment                                                           10 year rate of return

Dodge and Cox Stock                                          8.27%
American Funds Europacific Gr                          11.11%
SSgA Emerging Markets                                     15.62%
SSgA Target Retirement 2045                              N/A
Rainier Large Cap Growth                                   8.32%

I researched online and found several other options that have closer to 12% 10 year rates of return.  Dave Ramsey always advocates that you look at the long term rates of return on investments and stick to 12% or higher.

ING Small Cap Growth Equity                             11.83%
Ridge Worth Small Cap Value                               12.94%
Artisan Mid-Cap                                                    11.86%
T. Rowe Price Mid Cap Value                                11.58%
SSgA S&P MidCap Index                                      11.49%

As for the Roth IRA we have even more disparity in lifetime rates of return on our current investments.
Franklin Templeton Investments                          Lifetime rate of return

TEDIX                                                                   11.72%
FRDPX                                                                   8.77%
FKGRX                                                                  9.94%
FKBAX                                                                  5.99%
TEPLX                                                                   12.37%
FKCGX                                                                  10.52%
TPINX                                                                     8.48%
FRBSX                                                                    10.32%
TEMFX                                                                   11.00%

And again the ones I found with higher rates of return:

Mutual European Fund                                           11.15%
Mutual Global Discovery Fund                              11.72%
Mutual Quest Fund                                                 12.74%
Mutual Shares Fund                                                11.98%
Templeton Growth Fund, Inc.                                 12.37%
TEMWX                                                                  11.76%
FINAX                                                                     16.45%
FRMCX                                                                   11.59%

Now I just need to figure out what kinds of funds each of these are and group them into the proper proportions for our portfolio.   I already changed my TSP to reflect Dave's recommendation of 60% in C fund, 20% in I fund and 20% in S fund.  We'll see how this works out for us down the road.

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