Thursday, March 7, 2013

What's realistic

I get fixated on figuring things out.  I want to know how long it will take us to pay off our mortgage, so we calculate and find the answer.  December 2014.  It is set in stone in my mind.  The AES student loan?  July 2015.  And Sallie Mae to follow March 2016.  The problem is we don't actually factor in all our very expected (and hoped for) expenses that will mess this plan up completely. 

For instance, we will pay the mortgage off in December 2014 if our income remains steady and neither of us lose our job (GJS is only safe until January 2014 and we know how safe "safe" is with the Unemployment Insurance Agency).  Between now and then I should be good on my job front but if we have a baby we'll incur additional costs for child care, health insurance and other miscellaneous expenses.
After December 2014, we'll want to save up to go on our super amazing France trip which will be around $10,000 and is slated for October 2015.  So that will knock down our AES student loan pay off date.  Then by that time, we'll probably need to buy a new car so that will delay our Sallie Mae payoff.  Plus if another little one comes along that will increase our expenses too.  What's a person to do?  Is there some sneaky way to predict all these unknowns and get to a relatively accurately pace for our future debt payoff.  If there is, I sure hope I find it before I give birth.

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