Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Long time no post

I must apologize for my lack of blogging commitment lately.  I won't bother you with excuses, please extend me some forgiveness and lets pretend this didn't happen, okay? 

On to the financial dish.  I'm pretty annoyed with Sallie Mae and her lame excuse for a staff.  GJS and I sent in an extra payment due to a message on Sallie Mae's website that said we were over due, despite the fact we have automatic payments.  So we later get the word that it was a technical error and we can have our second payment refunded, aww, gee thanks.  GJS has been told twice before that the payment will be returned electronically, as it was submitted and one he was even given a transaction number and told to call our credit union to track the payment.  The website even stated the payment was returned on April 10th.  Yesterday GJS calls again because we were assured we would have the refund in our account by last Friday and he finds out that we will be receiving a paper check, and the earliest we'll see it is this Friday.  So our April budget was never rectified and I was not able to send a second mortgage payment.

Today I set up the April extra mortgage payment and it is set to hit next week, after I get my paycheck on Friday so I can cover the whole expense (since the $294.33 from Sallie Mae will probably still not be accessible).  I also planned out our budget for May and was happy to see I was able to fit everything into our budget by raiding our baby emergency fund and decreasing our grocery budget to $450.  May has been the month to dread financially due to two weddings, my Mom's 60th birthday party and camping Memorial weekend all rolled into one month.  Mainly the birthday and camping will be extra gas money, nothing more, but it adds up.  All fun things to actually experience though, so that does ease the pain.

Another exciting part of this month is that I'm getting my hair trimmed tonight, get to buy makeup and if I'm really frugal, hopefully shoes too.  Plus I get to buy a bachelorette present for my best friend.  Hooray for a shopping high!

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