Friday, November 30, 2012


As of today, this blog only has 2 readers.  Hi Sheila and Carrie!  I'm hoping to get this blog fine tuned and ready for mass consumption.  The only thing really holding me back is the lack of logo.  I don't particularly want my picture front and center on this blog.  Instead, I'm hoping my husband will design a logo that incorporates the vibe and goals that we're working for here at Prosperity Patrol.

That all being said, perhaps once this blog goes viral (fingers crossed), readers might want to know a bit more about the woman behind the curtain.  So here goes nothing.

Michigan born and raised.  Daughter of two human services professionals with one rather rebellious older brother.  Aspirations as a child were to buy my house in cash and become the first woman president.  Neither of those things are going to happen.

Educated in public school and earned my bachelor's degree in Social Relations from James Madison College at Michigan State University in 2002.  Began my first (and only) big girl job in 2003.  It allows me a fair amount of freedom and a steady pay check.  Married my artist husband in 2010 and live in a cozy condo with our cat, Cody.  Began debt reduction in November 2010 and kicked it in high gear in August 2011.

Goals for the future include:  Get my husband back into steady work, pay off our mortgage, student loans and save save save.  Travel every year and a grand trip every 5 years.  Be a stay at home Mom to a few cute little offspring.  Thanks for joining me on my journey to financial freedom.  That's me, your friendly neighborhood Prosperity Patrol.

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  1. Maybe this can help with your logo search