Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas shopping

Retail therapy.  It is a common affliction.  Particularly for those of us in debt.  Not all, but many people find a certain high from shopping.  While I was never a shopaholic, I do thoroughly enjoy the bliss I experience from a successful excursion to the mall.  In light of all of this, I have to be careful at Christmas. 

Last year, when GJS and I got our debt snow ball really rolling, I informed all my friends that I (we) wouldn't be exchanging Christmas or birthday gifts anymore.  Most of my friends completely understood.  Plus, since we're all getting older and many are parents, it was probably a relief.  Admittedly, this wasn't a flawless plans.  I still exchange birthday gifts (but not Christmas) with one friend and my best friend can't help herself but get gifts for me (and everyone else she loves), but she doesn't expect anything in return. 

Christmas gifts are now the exclusive domain of family.  GJS and I buy each other little token gifts from time to time but mainly avoid exchanging in favor of planning an outing or date night.  We make gifts as much as possible because in addition to being less expensive (usually), it allows our personalities to show through and the receiver gets a bit of us, not just a gift card or another DVD.  Truthfully, I adore hand made gifts.  Below is a picture of my wedding gift from GJS.  Can't find that at the store.
Christmas 2012 we have a budget of $200 and gifts to get for 12 people.  I started with some online shopping and am already giddy with the thrill of it.  All I want to do is skip work and hit the mall, maybe grab some hot chocolate and blare my Christmas CDs all the way and back.  GJS and I will be getting a lot of couples gifts, so we'll save there.  We have 4 couples to buy for and 4 singles, including my two year old nephew who will get college money, just like he has for every birthday and Christmas before and as he will until he is through with college.  I'm not the fun aunt.  But hopefully he'll forgive me for being a financial nerd and trying to help his future prosperity.

I hope your shopping and gift exchanging are joyful times for you and yours.  Please excuse me while I ponder my next purchase and day dream about the resulting afterglow.  Fa La La La La La La La La!

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