Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Loan frustration

One of the lessons I recently learned at church was about obedience.  You are actually disobeying God when you stall in an action he has commanded you to do.  I feel acutely that I've been instructed by God to go for my financial planning certification.  My problem is I cannot find a loan for this purpose given my current circumstances.

There are loans available to undergrads, graduate students, medical students, law students and even professionals going back for training given the right situation (layoff, restructuring and downsizing of the person's job).  I have been unable to find one single loan program for a person who is currently employed and wants to take non-credit courses towards a certificate program.  I take that back.  I found one.  And that website states that it is not taking on any new loan applications. 

Being stymied in my pursuit, I am wondering if I misunderstood what I thought was a clear call to action.  Maybe the timing isn't right?  Maybe we have to get out of debt first then we can pay for the program out of pocket?  Maybe I'm just being selfish?  Maybe I would fail if I tried?  The more I ponder these questions, the more I feel sure that they are lies.  And I don't want to live my life believing them.

So I'll continue to search for a way to make this happen.  Anything in life worth having is worth the struggle.  The frustrations of today will pave the path to the successes of tomorrow.

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  1. They are definitely lies! Keep working for it. It'll work out!