Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Set backs and a win

This weekend GJS and I decided to allow ourselves a little entertainment, sans worrying about the budget.  Our checking account got a little bump when a $400 check came in unexpectedly from GJS's former employer.  This was retro pay on a 3% raise for the past year he was working.  So...we had a date night, Skyfall and some dinner at LA Bistro in Dearborn.  I felt a little guilty but figured we deserved some moments in life to just enjoy.  We didn't go crazy.  Yes, we got a lemonade and candy at the theater but my entree at dinner was under $10.00 and we didn't have any alcohol.

Skip forward to Monday, Veteran's Day (observed) and a day off for me.  This was actually planned spending.  For my birthday I have been going to Zehnder's for a free chicken dinner for the past several years.  It is a newer tradition, but a tradition none-the-less.  I'm big on traditions.  Beside our two chicken dinners, GJS got a glass of currant wine and I had a Bahama Baby (non-alcoholic version of a Bahama Mama).  I skipped my usual pickle purchase and we made it through Frankenmuth without buying anything else.  GJS is on a new diet so we had to have a snack at 3:30 and both got salads at Uno's.  That wasn't planned but I didn't feel too bad since our actions were in pursuit of health.  Then we started looking at the Birch Run Outlet mall.  Set back city.

Luckily we only found things to buy at the Under Armour store.  Leggings for each of us and a long-sleeve under shirt for GJS.  All on clearance.  Yet, it was around $70.00 we hadn't intended on spending and could definitely have lived without.  I think we both caved to ourselves because the idea is that this will help us with our fitness goals.  And I truly believe for GJS, they will.  I just didn't want to be left out.  It didn't seem fair to me that he would get 2 items and I would leave with nothing.  I was immature but I'm glad I got the leggings because they feel amazingly warm and light.

Anyway.  I woke up feeling defeated today.  I thought to myself, I am losing my edge, my motivation, my drive.  But as I sat down and pulled up my mint account I noticed $5000 more than I was expecting in checking.  Hooray, something to celebrate.  GJS got his paycheck for his last freelance job, plus his reimbursement for his expenses.  We may yet meet our $10,000 savings goal by January.  Focusing on this win is a way better idea than beating myself up for my set backs.

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  1. Seventy bucks is a great deal for what you got. It's easy to beat yourself up about it, but you deserve a treat every so often!