Friday, December 21, 2012

Debt paydown update

Today is the last day of work for the year!  And it is the day I learn how we did for the month on debt reduction, officially.  Here are the numbers for December:

Mortgage: $57,066.66 to $56,789.66

Sallie Mae Loan: $27,583.04 to $27,339.87

AES Loan: $17,255.57 to $17, 242.28

Emergency Savings: $8,262.60 to $8,815.59

There is still a good chance of bumping up the emergency savings a little bit more before the year ends.  GJS and I agreed that any Christmas money we received would go straight into savings.  We usually get money gifts from both sets of parents and my Grandpa.  Thus far 2 of those 3 usual checks have already come in and are counted in the emergency savings total.  When GJS gets paid for his painting job we should have some additional funds to add as well.  So this is the total for now.

For anyone interested below are some pictures of the painting job at my in-laws.


  1. Nice work! Chipping away at your debt and the paint job!