Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of year giving

The warning bells are ringing.  Get in those charity checks ASAP!  I have to submit our last contributions by December 22nd or they wont count towards 2012 tax deductions.  My problem?  I cannot calculate 10% of what I don't know.  Normally, I send (electronic) checks to our religious affiliations today, payday.  The last payday of the month.  But not this month.

While I have both of my paychecks safely deposited, GJS is only partway through his painting project.  So while we know his rate ($15/hour) we honestly have no clue how many hours it will take him to finish.  Thus, I cannot even estimate how much to send out.  Hopefully he'll be done and home by Friday night and I'll be able to go online and pay out our tithes before the 22nd deadline.  If not, we'll just hope the fiscal cliff doesn't take our charitable deductions away in negotiations.

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