Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to save on your grocery budget

I realize most people would never, of their own volition, choose to follow most of these ideas.  But I decided to share anyway, as they have worked for me.

Gina's list of fool proof cost saving food thrift tips:

  1. Scrounge through your cupboards and fridge to find anything that could go into a soup.  Chop up the vegetables, throw in any meat or beans for protein (a scoop of peanut butter works well too) and whatever rice/barley/pasta you can unearth.  Then add oil, spices and some vinegar and you can usually make that batch of soup last until next pay day.

     2.  Invest in some ramen noodles and google ways to jazz them up.

     3.  Visit your parents/grandparents/friends/distant relations and mooch a bit off of them.  Remember, one day you'll be out of debt and can "pay them back" with a similar gesture of hospitality.
Now for a more practical list:

  1. See how you do with couponing.  I did coupon for a while but most coupons are not for the items I buy so it didn't do me much good.  However, if you're one to buy brand name items it might work out for you.  Here are some good coupon links.

     2.  Give Food on the Table ( a try.  It provides a great meal planning service.  You decide which recipes you want to make for the week and it gives you a grocery list.  Plus, if you tell it where you shop Food on the Table will locate what is on sale at your local grocery store.  Best part, it is free! 
      3.  This idea is a short term solution (and diet aid) not to be used habitually.  Stock up on frozen dinners while they are on sale.  There is usually a brand on sale for $2.00 or less a meal.  That is $6.00 per day to eat 3 square meals.  If you keep to Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine it is a fairly balanced diet.  I also throw in some Healthy Choice soups for variety when I employ this method of cost savings.

I don't know about you but our grocery budget is only eclipsed by our mortgage for monthly expenses.  It is nice to know there are ways to keep this line item in check, particularly at the end of a long month where there are more days than paycheck left.

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