Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Financial Peace University

As we enter the last two weeks of the month, pretty sure we've got a several hundred dollar surplus, GJS and I have made some choices.  Some of them are great, some of them are dubious and I'm not planning on regretting any of them.

I'm thrilled to bits that we are going to join the Financial Peace University class that started last week at one of our churches.  It took some major negotiation skills to convince him at first but in the end he relented based on my argument that I'd like to become a financial adviser one day.  I believe taking the class would be beneficial for us and to know if it is something I'd feel comfortable sending future clients to as well.  So that starts tonight.

We also went shopping at the Gap outlet store yesterday.  GJS had pulled out some duds in his closet and they needed to be replaced.  He got a couple pair of pants and some button up shirts while I picked up two pairs of yoga pants.  We had a customer appreciation card for just over $39 and spent around $115 after that was taken into account.  Not too shabby all in all.

Then we got our hair cut at my little salon and the girl who originally cut my bangs was there.  I was so glad to have her trim my hair and make my bangs behave again.

I admit we also went out to eat twice this weekend, once to Mongolian Barbecue and the other time to a Korean restaurant in Ann Arbor.  What a treat it was not to have to cook, or wait for food.  We definitely spoiled ourselves this weekend but all within our means. 

From here on out, we'll have these types of things planned into our budget from day one of the month, since we'll know our exact income.  But it isn't so bad to get near the end and be surprised that we're ahead of the game.  We should still carry over some dough to February but that will go directly to February's mortgage budget.  Play time is over.


  1. Wahoo! And I love the Gap Outlet!

  2. Let us know how the class goes please. We've been thinking about going ourselves...

    1. Absolutely. I will definitely be blogging about the lessons I learn.