Friday, January 18, 2013

Will we make it?

At this point all of our numbers are in but one.  And it is an unknown number until January 28th.  But we're guesstimating GJS's next paycheck will be $1400.  With that in mind, I've added that amount to the amount we already have in checking, minus our expenses for the rest of the month, including the $6511 to bring the mortgage down to $50000 and we have $1687.84 left!  And we always carry over $1000 so that means we have $687.84 leftover and unaccounted for. 

I am battling the desire to transfer the funds to the mortgage so I can see that new pretty round number and knowing that I should just wait until all my figures are fact.  I'll probably double check this number again and again over the next week because I don't always trust that I've included everything I need to.  But I'm feeling more confidant than usual in this new number.  I recalculated our tithe amount, I included all the expenses we have not yet incurred for the month, plus the outstanding credit card debt and pending charges (that I'll pay off next week). 

I'm antsy to get working on this final $50,000 of the mortgage.  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and your 2% decrease of take home pay isn't hurting you too badly!

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  1. That's great Gina! Things aren't looking so brought for us but hopefully by April they'll be better :)