Monday, January 14, 2013


With GJS back with the State of Michigan we have been dealing with the infuriating fact that his employer signed him back on to his old health insurance plans.  As soon as GJS was laid off I did the paperwork to get him added to my health, vision and dental insurances so he didn't lapse in coverage.  When GJS called HR to remove himself from the health insurance he was told he would need letters from each of his new insurers that included the date the insurance became effective.  What a pain in the butt.  He filed an appeal without this supporting documentation and luckily, was approved!

He was able to access his first pay stub electronically and saw that the amount his employer took out for insurance was about $40.  He was told with the appeal decision that he will be receiving a $50 rebate check so all in all this worked out well for us.  Or at least that was what I thought.

GJS was verifying that all three, medical, vision and dental insurances were being properly refunded and found out that his employer pays for his vision insurance with no employee contribution required.  So now we are paying extra monthly for GJS to have vision insurance through my employer's plan  when he could be receiving it for free.  I feel like there has got to be a catch here, that GJS didn't understand something correctly.  Does this make sense?  Do we get him back on his employer's vision insurance after what we just went through to cancel his vision insurance and sign him up on mine?  I'm not even sure if he's eligible to do that plus we just got our new vision cards in the mail on Saturday from my plan.  I almost hope he's wrong and he would have to pay his part for vision insurance just so we don't have to go through this rigamarole again.

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