Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let the count down beginning

I have been playing with a lot of numbers this month.  Calculating how much we'll need to bring the mortgage down to $50,000, remembering I need to carry over $1000 at the end of the month for spending in the beginning of the following month and guessing our net take home pay with the 2% increase in payroll taxes and new rates for health insurance.  Admittedly, it is all just guess work.  I do not like to estimate.  I like to know.

Feeling rather foolish, I called the disbursing office today (my office's version of a HR department for money issues), before the majority of my co-workers got in and asked my burning question.  Is there any way to know my net income prior to my paycheck being direct deposited in my account?  Since I can only receive my pay stub through postal mail I wasn't feeling too optimistic that disbursing would have access to this information electronically.  I was pleasantly surprised when the voice on the other end of line stated I could call back noon tomorrow and the information would be available.

So now I must wait. It is more bearable than waiting until Friday morning for this information, for sure.  But I wish my employer had an electronic disbursing account for each employee where we could have access to our pay stub breakdown and see the information as soon as it was properly calculated.  This is the kind of set up GJS has with his employer.  I find it quite helpful particularly at the end of the month when we finally know our monthly income and are rushing to get our tithes out to both churches and community.

P.S. Isn't this cute?  GJS has been working on it for the past week.  It is his cartoon version of me in a little Prosperity Patrol uniform.


  1. Love the cartoon. Super cute!

    also you should have asked about the COLA...