Thursday, January 31, 2013

January summary

This month has been pretty rewarding.  GJS went back to work.  The mortgage finally got back into the debt snowball groove.  We started Financial Peace University.  The debt payoff plan for the mortgage and the student loan debt has been modified to take into account our new salaries.

We're carrying over some extra funds in our emergency fund to pay for our taxes but other than that we're right back where we were pre-GJS-layoff.  Here are the updated numbers:

Baby savings account:  $116.08
Emergency fund:  $2606.92
Overall debt:  $94,675.87

Another great January turn of events has been how well our investments are doing.  Considering we won't be retiring until 2040 at the earliest, I know it doesn't really matter yet, but it is still nice to see those investments doing well.

Thrift Savings Plan: 26.09%
State of Michigan 401(k): 6.71%
Edward Jones Roth IRA: 14.59%

While the 401(k) isn't stunning us, it is improving steadily and the year to date percentage for 2012 is over the 12% we always hope for.

So while January has been good to us, I'm hoping for an even better February.

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