Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1st

It sure is refreshing when the first of the month lands on a Friday, two of my favorite days.  The sun is shining, the weekend awaits and it will be a long one to boot as I'm taking off Monday.

Last night GJS and I discussed our separate weekend plans and how we'll be spending our money.  He is off to a "guys night out" where he is expected to bring a six pack of beer and $5 to chip in for pizza and snacks.  In addition, he wants to go see Django Unchained at the cheapy theater while I'm away.

 My plan is to head up to Midland to hang out with friends and family.  Saturday evening will be a girls night and I am bound and determined to make cookies and cream puppy chow.  So I'll be using some grocery money for that.  Otherwise, I'll be mooching off the 'rents for my food and entertainment needs.
Does this not look amazing?!?  I cannot wait to laugh, watch Encino Man and commune with my girlfriends while munching on some yummy grindage.  Happiest of Fridays to you!

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