Thursday, February 21, 2013

A wee conundrum

By now I'm sure I've impressed on all of you how much I like being prepared, having a plan and avoiding the end-of-month crunch mode.  This month, GJS's last paycheck lands on the 28th.  So we won't have access to all the funds we need to pay for all our expenses for February until the last day.  I always pay for everything and make sure every payment clears before the end of the month, so this is frustrating for me.  I'll have to backdate all our transactions on to make sure they are credited towards February instead of March.  I guess it is less of a conundrum and more of an annoyance but still, not my favorite way to end a month.
In addition to our timing issue we also have had some additional expenses crop up that we have not been totally prepared for.  Luckily, God is taking care of things.  We got our DTE Energy rebate check for $50 in the mail yesterday (from our washing machine purchase) and my brother patched our kitchen ceiling with new drywall.  The cost of the materials for the patch job was $49 and change.  We had not budgeted for this expense.  But the two offset perfectly.  So thank the Lord for that little blessing.  Now we just have to make it through the rest of the month on budget.  Wish us luck!

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