Friday, February 22, 2013

New take home pay

All the chips have fallen and the dust has cleared.  Our new monthly take home pay is $4885.  Time to rework the budget...again.  I'm getting a little fearful that we have taken on more than we can chew in making $2350 monthly mortgage payments.  I don't want to back out of this arrangement so if we can possibly make it work, I'm going to to press for that option.  GJS is bummed.  And we'll be in even more dire straits if I get a pay cut, which is all teetering on sequestration and management choices.
So, not the happiest of Fridays here.  But for today, we can cover our February mis-budget mistake with the use of our baby savings.  Plus we got a $27 credit towards our credit card payment so our mistake is less than $50.  I'm really glad we didn't burn through the baby savings to celebrate Valentine's Day after all.  I knew it was a better choice to play it safe.  Now, to play with the numbers....

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