Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How I survive the unknown...

There are a lot of aspects in my work life right now that are totally up in the air.  Big stuff too, not just little piddly annoyances.  I've noticed that the stress and uncertainty has started to effect my sleep and other miscellaneous gastrointestinal issues, brought on by stress or stress eating.  No one to blame there but myself, but I digress.  I've taken to a childlike practice, make believe.
I'm simply convincing myself of the outcome to these mysterious lingering questions in the office.  I've had my co-workers confirm my theories and for now, that is enough for me.  Instead of dreading and dwelling on the unknown, I'm deluding myself that the unknown is known and living life making decisions based on that reality.  Nothing has really changed.  The real choices begin once the imaginary and the facts collide.

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