Monday, February 25, 2013

Bargain hunt

I went shopping for a wedding shower gift last week with my eye on the prize, a bargain.  I'm a person who does not like to deviate from the registry, unless I'm super duper positive I've found an amazing gift that there is no doubt the receiver will love.  In this instance I found several good options and knew what the bride and groom wanted most because they used the universal registry.  Two of the items were from Kohl's.  From past experience I know that things go on sale at Kohl's all the time.  So I zeroed in on the sheet set and the loaf pans.
First I confirmed that my Mom would be joining in on my gift, per our usual arrangement.  She gives me half of the money and I do the rest.  This gives me the control I crave and the funds I need.  I went through so that I would net 5% of the final cost in a college savings account for my future children, something I've had set up since 2001.  I also found a coupon code for 15% off my entire order at  Then I  checked to see if both items were on sale, they were.  The loaf pan is normally $19.99 but I got three of them for just $15.99.  Then the sheet set is normally $89.99 but I got it for $44.99.  Shipping was free so after all was said and done, including sales tax, I got $149.96 of merchandise for $83.76.  That's slightly more than 55% off!  I sure got my shoppers high on with that purchase.


  1. Awesome deal! What's this Upromise?

  2. It allows you to save for college by making purchases. You register your credit cards and debit card and they put a percentage in an account on qualifying purchases. You can also find awesome coupon codes on their site. If you shop online and go through to get to the store's site you get an extra percentage. In this example, I went through to get to the Kohl's site and earned 5% of my purchase to go into my account.