Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's nice when things work out

Not too much money related to share lately, I fear.  One nice turn of events happened over the long weekend and became apparent today on mint.com.  We had budgeted $48 for "amusement" this month and $452 for the plumber.  We went a little over on amusement and a little under on the plumber, perfectly offsetting the other.  I was worried when I checked our weekend expenses but it worked out well. 
 Tonight is the 6th week of Financial Peace University and we'll be focusing on insurance.  Not my favorite financial subject but one I could do with knowing more about.  GJS and I almost bought life insurance when we were pregnant in 2011; unfortunately, I had a miscarriage and my thoughts of life insurance disappeared as well.  We both have a few thousand dollars of life insurance through our jobs, enough to pay for a funeral, so for now we don't feel too pressured to cough up more dough to insure ourselves.  That will all change as soon as a little helpless baby come into our lives.  But for now, that's is just a dream and a problem for another day.  But I welcome the guidance so once we get to that place, we'll be able to move forward with confidence. 

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