Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Financial Peace University graduate

Cue the Pomp and Circumstance track because GJS and I are now official Financial Peace University graduates.  Last night was bitter sweet for me.  We had our last lesson, on why we give.  Dave emphasized the fact that we don't tithe because God needs the money, or because the church needs the money, we are called to tithe because God is the greatest of all givers and to be more like Him, we must give.  It was a nice reminder. 

GJS and I both did not tithe or give regularly before we were married.  This is something that I felt a lot of guilt about for years.  I'd put $20 here and there in the offering plate but nothing consistent.  Then, when we were engaged we discussed our lack of tithing and agreed that we would tithe in our marriage.  So from day one we gave 10% of our net income to the Lord.  Specifically, we give to Grace Community Church, Messiah Church, Word of Life Community and Detroit Community Outreach.  I know we have been so blessed by God because we have an open hand to give and to receive.  Dave explained that you can't be open to a gift if you have a fist clenched around your cash.

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