Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a girl wants

Remember Christina Aguilera's catchy pop hit, What  A Girl Wants?  Or I think it was also an Amanda Bines movie, but I didn't see it.  Anyway, what is on my mind is what this girl wants.  I've given up pining after $90,000 of quick cash to get out of debt.  Right now I just want someone to come into my home and thoroughly clean it.  I had grand illusions that I could go through the condo room by room and deep clean.  I did the bathroom and after three solid hours of work, determined there is no way I'll have the motivation to do that for every room in the place.  No possible way.  So what this girl wants is to hire a cleaning service to do it for me.  I'm willing to forgo a lot to see this happen.   I will gladly live off of ramen and beans.

And as part of the cleaning effort I want to pull up our carpeting on the stairs and get that disgusting stuff out of my life.  I feel like the carpet on the stairs rarely is vacuumed and never shampooed.  It is old and dingy and hair encrusted thanks to our cat and just needs to go.  I want to rip it up and never look back.  I don't even care if it looks awful, as long as the stairs are left in a cleanable state.  Marriage is hard.  Before I could do this and would only slightly worry that my parents might disapprove, now I have to get this planned agreed upon and I don't think hubby is as gung ho about it as me.  I know I'm pouting and this is not an important concern but it is all I can think about today.

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