Monday, April 1, 2013

disappointing budget day

I made a draft budget for April last Friday.  I knew the next 2 months were going to be tight due to two weddings and some miscellaneous expenses.  I inadvertently omitted our condo association fees in my budget so as I was inputting the information into today I got a rude shock when I saw the figures.  I had already knocked our grocery budget from $600 to $500 to make the budget balance but having forgotten a $192 bill, the budget was really destroyed. 

It is really discouraging to see all our efforts to be frugal leave us in a place where we fail to be able to afford our life.  The big stinger was needing to pay for three nights in a hotel for Beth and Ernie's wedding in May.  That was $293 after taxes and fees.  We really only have about $200 of wiggle room per month.  My hope is that the credit card wont actually be charged until we check out.  Then we'll have May's wiggle room to add to April's wiggle room and we won't go over.  Thus far our credit card wasn't charged even though I reserved our room on Friday.  Usually charges go right through and might hang out for a couple days in my pending transactions before they show up officially.  I'm crossing my fingers.

The other big disappointment is I got a parking ticket.  I allegedly got this ticket on February 13th on the street where I pick up my husband.  I pull up to the side of the building, text my husband that I'm there and then he comes down and we drive home.  At no time did I leave my car.  I was "standing" not parking and tons of other people do it every day.  You would think I would have noticed a parking enforcement officer issuing me a ticket.  The notice I got in the mailed said I would now have to pay a $50 fee instead of the $30 ticket I was "issued".  I'm so mad.  But I also know that this is crap and there is 0 chance I'll be able to talk to someone who will see reason.  Sigh.  So that will have to come out of the budget somewhere too.

Happy April Fools Day to you.

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