Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Double trouble

Unemployment.  Debt.  Two of life's most stressful events.  These two ugly galoots are quite a gruesome twosome when coupled together.  I have faced them before when my husband was laid off for three months.  We weathered that storm just fine thanks to his unemployment insurance keeping our budget afloat.  Now I'm the one facing a job loss and I have no possibility of recall.

Of course I have been looking for job opportunities, sending out resumes and even had one phone interview.  I have a little time and I haven't broadened my search to the extent I could.  I have found myself fixated on ensuring that our family will be able to maintain our budget even after my unemployment insurance elapses.  Luckily we'd be able to live paycheck to paycheck with a no frills lifestyle.  Our other financial goals such as traveling, retirement and college savings would go out the window.  Expeditious debt reduction would a luxury we could not afford.

That reality makes my skin crawl.  All I want from money is to not owe anyone money anymore.  Or ever again.  If I become one of the many long-term unemployed my dream of financial freedom will be shattered.  So, I have to hitch up my big-girl pants and make sure my dream doesn't die with my current job.  If you're looking for a highly organized, efficient, positive person to do honest work helping others, you know where to find me.

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