Monday, October 6, 2014

Weighing my options

I currently live outside of Detroit, Michigan and commute into the city.  I am required to pay out of city resident income taxes.  My commute time is approximately 22 minutes.  Now I am looking at possibly working in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  There is no city income tax; however, my commute time would be 42 minutes.  I don't currently pay for parking in Detroit but would likely have to pay for parking in Ann Arbor. 

I am terrible with math. I honestly don't know if working in Detroit or Ann Arbor is ultimately more expensive.  I'd love for someone to confidently tell me that I'm better off, monetarily, working in Ann Arbor despite having to pay more in gas and parking fees.  These are the mind battles I have as I'm seeking a new job. 

If you have the answer, do tell.

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