Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday money

I'm not really bitter, but my husband got over $200 in birthday cash this year.  I got $65.  I was determined to give my purchases a great deal of thought so I would get the most out of this free-to-me spending.  Pretty early on I determined I wanted to get a facial.  Life has been rough for a while and since the husband and I have been looking to get knocked up I stopped taking my acne medication.  And it shows.

I did a little yelp.com search and found a deal at Consher Organic Spa.  I was able to spend $50 to get $75 worth of service.  The facial I wanted (the 1 hour "Problem Solver") was $75 dollars, perfect.  The remaining $15 I wanted to use to upgrade my favorite yoga VHS to a DVD.  Alas, it was not to be.  The tape was made back in 1998 and I couldn't find it on DVD.  So I was back to the drawing board.

After a long Monday at work, a sick and unproductive husband at home and four more days stretched out in front of me until the weekend, I decided to splurge.  We have very little to eat in the house and what is left is NOT yummy.  I dragged GJS to Target to find a movie and score some eats.  He didn't want any of the movies that I was looking at so I gave up on that ambition and headed to the candy aisle.  I was thwarted in my search for salted caramels and settled on a bag of pumpkin cheesecake cookies and some honey bbq chicken bites.

I'm left with $8.  So the search continues for either a movie or something else to put a smile on my face while I secretly stew over the fact that my husband spent over $100 on a pair of dress sweat pants with his birthday loot.


  1. Hahahaha! I love that you included a picture of the pants :0)