Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Financial Peace University Week #5

Last night's episode was all about how marketing influences our buying decisions.  Dave was in his element starting off old slogans then prompting the live audience to complete the phrases.  He even had us all singing the theme song to the Beverly Hill Billies.
 The main gist of his pitch was not to knock the advertising skills of businesses but to inform us consumers that we have to be very intentional in our shopping or we will fall victim to impulse and great marketing.  Fortunately, watching less television helps in the fight against wanting the next great thing.  If you don't know it is out there, you're a lot less likely to pine away for it.
Another large chunk of the lesson focused on how to wheel and deal when making a major purchase.  It was good common sense reminders and a little bit of training to prepare yourself when you are on the sales floor.  I wish the whole "buy with cash" to get a deal had panned out for us when we were washing machine shopping, alas it did not.  I think retail is a lot more interested in getting people to buy using their financing than they are with closing a sale in cash and knocking off 10%.  The companies know they get more dough out of a customer who finances.

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  1. Yeah unfortunately wheeling and dealing only works in certain situations :/