Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My wish list

I have several big dreams that I've shared previously on this blog.  For example, paying off our mortgage, becoming debt free and traveling to France.  But I have a much less important wishlist.  You know, those little items that would brighten up your day but are not pressing you to get a second job or sell all your valuables to attain them.  Amazon.com has a service where I can keep all the little gems I come across in one handy dandy list.
I have found the Amazon wishlist to be a great place to stash these products for a future date.  It is also a great resource for finding gifts for others.  I first got to know the amazon wishlist when we were registering for our wedding.  I didn't want to get totally chained to Bed Bath and Beyond or Macy's or Target.  I liked the flexibility of picking anything from anywhere on the internet and linking it back to one universal registry.  The same is true for the wishlist. 

I recommend having an updated wishlist for gift giving holidays and birthdays.  It helps your loved ones by letting them know what you'd actually like to receive and it helps you by guaranteeing you'll genuinely be happy when opening your gift.  Plus it is easy to update once you receive something on your list you can log back on and delete the item so you won't get it again at a later date.  My husband and I have been keeping a wishlist for a few years now and have been quite pleased with the results ;)
For anyone interested here is a link to my wishlist:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=wish_list  Now you can more fully appreciate the geek that I am.

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