Friday, February 8, 2013

Success in taxes

I am very happy to report that we came under budget on our taxes this year.  $706 to federal, $443 to city and a $47 return from the state.  We had set aside $1600 to cover all three but will only owe $1149.  I've written the checks and placed all the appropriate documentation in the envelopes, which are sealed and stamped.  Now I'm just waiting for our funds to clear the transfer process from the money market account to the checking account.  We have ear marked any excess money this month to go towards a plumber.
Alas, our kitchen ceiling is leaking, again.  We thought we fixed the offending leak a year ago when we got our tub re-glazed.  Unfortunately, GJS discovered the drips in our kitchen and the bad spot on the ceiling is looking pretty rough.  The fear is that once the leak is fixed we'll discover we need to replace the bathroom floor/kitchen ceiling and the little sprinkle will turn into a steady stream of our money leaving us.  So now that we know how much money we can work with, I'm off to to find ourselves a well reviewed plumber.
 One other notable mention, GJS finally got his paycheck straightened out with HR so he is no longer paying for dental and vision insurance through is employer.  That's another $73 towards his take home pay!  I'm thrilled.  We now will have a monthly net income of just over $5000 and at least $200 of wiggle room for hair cuts, oil changes and new socks.  Hooray!

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